Zanzibar Experience

This little known jewel island of the Indian Ocean is a magical island of sublime beaches, ravishing landscapes, historical buildings and sapphire skies. Coral reefs, sheltered bays, warm lagoons and swaying palms in fact the quintessential tropical island. 

 This glorious island paradise is located approximately 80 kilometers off the east coast of Tanzania and is in fact part of an archipelago of smaller islands. Beyond the natural beauty of its sandy shores, Zanzibar has rich cultural heritage and a long and colorful history, making it a truly fascinating place to spend a holiday. There is a lot to see in Zanzibar, the first thing that would strike you about Zanzibar is its breathtaking natural beauty. The beaches are simply idyllic, lapped by crystal-clear water and backed by swaying palm groves. Coastal lagoons, rocky coves and mangrove swamps give way inland to the coconut and spice plantations that earned the island its nickname - the space island. Wildlife is abundant here; keep your eyes up and you may see Colobus monkeys, giant sea turtles and coastal birds. In the offshore dolphins is common sight, while divers and snorkelers will be entranced by the wondrous marine life of the coral reefs.

 Mt. Kilimanjaro


 Lake Manyara

 Ngorongoro Crater