Pangani is a town in northeast Tanzania that lies 50 km south of Tanga, at the mouth of the Pangani River.
 It rose from obscure beginnings as just one of many coastal dhow ports to become a terminus of the caravan route from Lake
 Tanganyika. The town has long history of culture it has Arabic, Asian, German and British colonial rules influence. This is a place where arab, swahili and colonia traditions blends together. 
When in Pangani you will enjoy coastline with clean beaches where historic sites, coral reefs, old port as well as great diversity of tropical marine. This amazing place Historical town tour… 

Explore Historic buildings of Pangani town, slave market, old port and slave routes, Pangani River cruising, A boat trip to Maziwe Marine Park Island for swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling and
 watching dolphins, Village tours.. a welcome to Coast people’s home and stay with a family getting an insight of the Swahili culture. Participate in various activities with the family members.